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IAS Conference 2018

Institutional and Political Issues - Webinars
Date: Tuesday, 06 November 2018 08:00 - 18:00

The Internal Audit Service will hold its annual international conference on 6 November 2018. The Conference will focus on the global challenges affecting the Internal Audit (IA) profession and will be opened by the First Vice-President of the European Commission, Mr Frans Timmermans. In addition, Mr Richard Chambers, President and CEO of IIA Global will be a keynote speaker .

Being ever more aware of the fact that the global challenges affecting the IA profession are evolving at a rate beyond expectations, this year the IAS Conference will aim at thoroughly focusing on the challenges for Internal Audit in the future in order to outline those strategies, tools and approaches deemed most effective for the delivery of value-added results and assurance.

Moreover, the most recent peer discussions and developments are based on the assumption that the IA function is still able to represent a reference point for its stakeholders. However, the Fourth Industrial Revolution is challenging governments and organisations to keep pace with the exponential growth in innovations in technology and fast-evolving external framework. This urgently calls for an adaptation of the IA profession to the new upcoming needs.

On the one hand, the world is changing faster and faster, which makes it also more complicated for auditors to stay aligned to the entity's top risks and to smoothly execute their audit plans. On the other hand, innovation may lead to new areas of focus for auditing, requiring a new, updated skill set in terms of both technical and soft skills.  

We shall therefore look at the many changes, actual and potential, that are affecting our world, to better understand it rather than just being in awe of it, whilst taking into consideration all of the implications for our profession. 




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  • Tuesday, 06 November 2018 08:00 - 18:00

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