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Networking Conference on Right-Wing Populism in Europe

Institutional and Political Issues
Date: Thursday, 06 December 2018 - Friday, 07 December 2018

Venue: Eurodiaconia

Eurodiaconia is co-hosting a network conference on right-wing populism in Europe together with Diakonie Deutschland, Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation and BAG Church & Right-wing Extremism in Brussels. The purpose of the two-day conference is to discuss the threat of right-wing extremism in Europe from a particular diaconal point of view. The event wants to bring together high-profile stakeholders from the churches and diaconia in Europe, from civil society and national & European politics to join in a mutual effort to keep human dignity, civil rights and democratic values alive. It wants to provide a space for exchange, for debating which strategy is working and which one is not, and for discussing recent developments under the hypothesis that the different things happening might not be so different after all or have at least some common roots and similar causes.

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  • From Thursday, 06 December 2018 to Friday, 07 December 2018

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