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Specialise in Consumer Protection in the telecoms sector

ICT and Digital Agenda - Trainings
Date: Tuesday, 01 October 2019 09:00 - Wednesday, 02 October 2019 13:00

Venue: Thon Hotel EU

Get an in-depth overview of consumer protection in telecoms in this two-day seminar. Joir our experts to explore both the sector-specific and horizontal consumer protection rules that apply in the EU communications sector, with reference to real-life examples and case studies, and get insight into the latest developments and their implications.


Topics covered include:

- Net neutrality and zero rating

- The implementation of roaming regulation

- e-Privacy

- Switching and portability

- Quality of service measures

- Universal service


The training will provide attendees with:

- A comprehensive overview of the sector-specific and most relevant horizontal consumer protection rules applying in the telecommunications sector, using real-life examples and case studies from the European Union

- An insight into the latest developments in: net neutrality (including zero rating), the implementation of roaming regulations, e-Privacy, switching and portability, quality of service measures, universal service, how the current review of the EU regulatory framework might affect these rules

- A practical and applied learning approach, using case studies to reinforce understanding of the key points

- An historical perspective for participants to gain a clear appreciation of the key regulatory trends, and the growing importance of consumer protection issues in the telecoms sector


The seminar is suitable for:

- Regulatory experts who are interested in how sector-specific and horizontal consumer protection rules are applied in the telecoms sector

- Those interested in the role that consumer protection plays in shaping the telecoms market; and

- Those interested in finding out the lastest consumer protection developments affecting the sector



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