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Rethinking territorial balances between urban and rural areas in the European Mountains

Agriculture and Rural Development
Date: Wednesday, 20 November 2019 09:30 - 13:00

Venue: Lombardy Region Delegation office, place du champ de mars 2, Brussels

Rethinking territorial balances between urban and rural areas in the European Mountains: how can innovation support win-win solutions?




According to the OECD, territorial relationships have deeply changed in recent decades. Improvements in communication technology, increasing movements of peoples and goods, and changes in land use have reshaped the relationships between urban and rural areas. This is also true for mountain areas, where large metropoles like Milano have recently been integrated in new development strategies – such as the macro-regional strategy for the Alps.


Urban and rural areas are interconnected through different functions (demographic, economic, delivery of public services, provision of ecosystem services…). To encourage an integrated functional approach based not only on win-win partnerships but also on the recognition of the added value brought by rural areas, mountain territories should be recognised not only for their attractive landscapes and good quality of life, but also for their expertise, economic contribution, and capacity for innovation.


Technological and social innovation is a key component in mountain areas. It can help increase the visibility of these territories and valorise exchanges between urban and rural areas in mountains while recognising their differences.


During this conference, Euromontana will give the floor to the President of the ‘SMART Villages for Rural Territories’ Intergroup of the European Parliament, researchers, representatives of regions and practitioners. Speakers will explore how innovation can help develop win-win solution between urban and rural areas in the mountains. The event will also be an opportunity to investigate on the possibilities to support this vision within the framework of the new Cohesion Policy.




The issue of innovation as a tool to rebalance rural-urban linkages will be addressed within two different sessions gathering representatives from European institutions and from regional authorities as well as stakeholders from the innovation and development sectors in mountain areas.


Please find here the draft agenda.




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