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FIER Conference | All aboard for a fast-track integration in European regions!

Home affairs, Migration, and Integration
Date: Tuesday, 19 November 2019 08:45 - 14:00

Venue: Flemish Ministry of Education

It can be very hard to feel included and to find a job to make a living as a newcomer in an unknown society, where you do not know the language, you are not familiar with the traditions and you lack a network. Most of the refugees granted permit to stay in Europe face a long journey before they can establish themselves in the labour market and become self-sufficient. Effective processes to integrate newly arrived individuals in the labour market is crucial to create to reduce exclusion.

Aimed at developing instruments and strategies for a fast-track labour market integration of disadvantaged groups among refugees and asylum-seekers, the FIER project (funded by the European Union*) has developed quality competence assessment strategies, training curricula, self-empowerment initiatives, and a workplace language learning concept to reach a fast and successful integration process in different European areas. After two years and the involvement of twelve partners (including regional and local authorities, national employment services, education providers, the academic sector and civil society), FIER’s results have made it clear that multi-stakeholder cooperation and a holistic approach to inclusion are key for success.

The FIER Conference will offer a forum for all relevant stakeholders:

  • Competent authorities and policy makers,
  • civil society,
  • education providers,
  • social workers,
  • academic experts,
  • international organisations,
  • companies,
  • and, of course, citizens!

We are all on board in building inclusive communities through work-based learning and labour market integration! Join us in Brussels and be ready to learn, to innovate, and to experience inclusion policies and practices as never seen before, based on the results of this ambitious and successful project. Let us all feel included, empowered and proud!


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