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Greencomp? Towards a new common framework of key competences for sustainable development

Civil Society
Date: Wednesday, 04 December 2019

Venue: TBC

The 2030 Horizon to meet the SDGs and the utter need for transformation of the industry to achieve an environment-friendly economy have raised the question of green skills as a catalyst for sustainable development. Vocational education and training (VET), the education sector that is most closely connected to industry, is reacting to the new demands, but there is still a need of a more coordinated perspective between authorities, education providers and the industry. Therefore, a flexible common framework that could be implemented in each sector and region - according to their specific challenges - might provide an answer to this, bearing in mind that local activities have a continental and global impact.

Key topics for debate:

What are the key elements of green skills?

Should green skills acquisition be related to specific sectors or is there a transversal approach needed?

What is the role of regional authorities in building green skills that foster the development of a green economy and sustainability?

Are green skills a catalyst for sustainable development or rather a need that is born as a result of the (top-down) implementation of the green economy?

What can be learnt from other countries and continents?

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