PATIENT-CENTRIC CARE – New pathways for sustainable healthcare

Date: Wednesday, 03 May 2017 12:30 - 14:00

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Universal access to healthcare is something that Europeans take for granted, but can we still afford it? The challenges to European healthcare systems are unprecedented. The population is ageing. The increase in chronic conditions is swelling demand and inflating costs. Long-term care for older people alone is projected to cost an additional 1% of GDP in the coming decades. We have ways to provide care more appropriately, effectively and sustainably – but now, we need to put them into practice.

Our healthcare systems were designed to address acute needs with the hospital as the focal point. But the realities of healthcare today mean we need a radical rethink with the patient at the centre. How do we end the fragmentation of healthcare systems, closing the gaps between primary and secondary care, and between the health and social care systems, and put patient needs first?

Home care is a key part of the patient-centric model, giving people with chronic conditions the power to live fuller, better-quality and more independent lives and take control of their health – while lowering costs for healthcare systems.

Technology can also play a crucial role. It can streamline healthcare delivery and reduce costs. It offers patients with chronic or long-term conditions the dream of receiving quality healthcare in their own homes while enabling clinicians to monitor their health status remotely, track progress and optimise treatments. In addition, keeping patients out of hospitals reduces the risk of infections and saves money.

  • How can Europe help mainstream new emerging models of care delivery?
  • What can payers and authorities do to promote a shift to home-based care?
  • How do we overcome structural problems and change mindsets?
  • What is the role of telemedicine in enabling more care to be delivered at home?
  • What can be done to increase patient confidence in home-based care?

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