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Date : Monday, 10 July 2017
Date : Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Our mission: Informing you on EU events in Brussels and let Brussels know about your EU event!

EU-Events  is the only web portal gathering all EU-related events in Brussels, organised by the European Institutions, regional and national representations, universities, think-tanks, political parties, lobbies and NGOs.

Brussels  welcomes students, trainees, job-seekers and professionals interested in  European Affairs. This makes the  European capital a unique place for networking. To fully enjoy all the benefits of this international environment, we help you to find out upcoming events, attend them and expand your network ... and it's all 100% free!

How we do it

In the simplest way: an intuitive website and a continuous action on the main social media. You can also subscribe the newsletter from our homepage and write to us at any time at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Besides, we can count on a developed network of event organisers and media partners across the continent and beyond to organise and spread the word on all most relevant EU Events affairs taking place in Brussels.

Our principles

Neutrality: we apply no selection or filtering to any of the events and information gathered, being them of any and every political organisation or association, etc.

Completeness: we strive for ensuring the widest range of events relevant to our mission.

Timeliness: we apply our best efforts to upload and promote the events with a reasonable advance. This is to allow you all, from Brussels or abroad, to make arrangements and attend the events.

Our team

Fosca Barbato – Editing & Events search; Webinars & Trainings, FP7, Erasmus plus, creative europe, interregs. Projects: Project of the month, European Weeks and Days. Social media: Facebook

Michele Calabrò  Editing & Events search; European Commission and EP political parties. Projects: Newsletter. Social media: Twitter.

Stoyana Stoyanova Social media: LinkedIn. Contacts with universities.

Marianna Colonna – Editing & Events search. Projects: European Weeks and Days.

Eugene Gioni  Editing & Events search. Contacts with universities.

Benjamin Ector  Editing & Events search. EU institutions events.

Alessandro Privitera  – Co-Founder, IT and Web Designer, Graphics. Projects: registration page.

Stefano Lodi  – Founder.

…  follow, attend and connect …

…  and don’t forget to let Brussels know about your events!