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CESI-TALK Breakfast Meeting: “Precarious work conditions – the abusive use of fixed-term work contracts”

Employment and Social policy
Date: Wednesday, 20 June 2018 08:00 - 09:30

Venue: European Parliament (Member’s Salon)  |  City: Brussel

The European Parliament, Thomas Mann MEP and The European Confederation of Independent Trade Unions (CESI) cordially invite you to a CESI-TALK breakfast meeting on the topic of “Precarious work conditions – the abusive use of fixed-term work contracts”.

Recent studies show that the European labour market is experiencing a general trend of rising numbers for temporary work contracts in Europe, amounting to more job insecurity and wage gaps. Only between 2001 and 2012 the number of temporary contracts in the EU27 increased by 25% and in some sectors, like the health or education ones, it is causing labour market segmentation and serious job insecurity.

Trend changing measures are needed at EU level. The commission has issued a directive on transparent and predictable working conditions in the EU and it is revising the Written Directive. But is it enough? What is the future of work in Europe in terms of accommodating social security for workers and market-oriented measures? How is the EU influencing this trend and what is happening at national level? These issues and other perspectives shall be assessed from different angles: from policy making, political stand, and research but most importantly from the perspective of social actors representing workers.

Due to limited space, this is an invitation-only event. Participants who need to be granted access to the European Parliament premises need to send their personal information (Complete name, date of birth, identification ID numbers, nationality) together with the registration to this email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Paul Henri Spaak Building, Wiertzstraat 60, 1047 Brussel


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  • Wednesday, 20 June 2018 08:00 - 09:30

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