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Incitement European Summit

Industry, Enterprise and Innovation
Date: Saturday, 23 September 2017 09:00

Venue: ESPACE BANCA MONTE PASCHI BELGIO  |  City: Brussel, Belgium

Have you ever noticed how we’re pouring millions of dollars into big organisations claiming to solve social issues, but nothing is really changing? In fact, the global situation is getting worse and worse. Poverty is ever on the rise, clean water and energy still isn’t available to more than half of the globe’s population and true equality is yet to be established, just to name a few…

We believe that’s because the current system for solving social issues isn’t working, and at the Incitement Europe we’ll tell you exactly why we think that and how we should change it. Join us for the Incitement European Summit in Brussels, where we have some brilliant speakers lined up for you to talk about social innovation. Our aim is to create awareness around global issues and design solutions through social business models.

After attending this event, you’ll know exactly how to kickstart your own social project from scratch, how to line up the sponsors and investors behind your cause and how to organise kick-ass events that attract hundreds of people passionate about your cause.

With grit and care Incitement is pushing the boundaries of social businesses to the next level. We believe firmly that doing business in an ethical manner really isn’t all that hard. Purpose and profit can go hand in hand seamlessly — and we are on a mission to prove it to you. Are you in?


Incitement Italy and Incitement Global
Avenue d’Auderghem 22-28



David Kord Murray speaks at Incitement

The author of Borrowing Brilliance, David Kord Murray, has an impressive résumé. Not only is he a rocket scientist who worked on numerous projects for NASA and the Pentagon but he's also a successful entrepreneur, having sold Taxnet, a company he co-founded that specializes in e-filing software, to H&R Block (HRB) in 2005. And in between those items on his CV is a strong hint that he practices what he preaches. When Murray was head of innovation at Intuit (INTU)—the creator of TurboTax, which allows users to e-file—he saw a brilliant idea, borrowed a chunk of it, and made a killing. His book encourages everyone to give it a try. After all, he argues, it worked for Johannes Gutenberg, George Lucas, and the Google guys.

As he lays out his method, he raises the stakes on innovative thinking. It's more than just a competitive advantage. These days it's a lifeline. "The need for innovation and creativity becomes more and more important as ... product and career life cycles become shorter," Murray writes.

In a sense, this book is an idea Murray borrowed from himself (and Intuit, again). In the early 2000s, he was asked to create an innovation training program for the company. The goal: a clear, easy-to-replicate process for creative thinking. After studying hundreds of inventive thinkers, from Charles Darwin to Apple (AAPL) CEO Steve Jobs, he concluded that the quickest and most reliable path to the invention is paved with appropriated ideas. That may not strike you as terribly original, but Murray's method involves mixing and matching the concepts of others, ideally from disparate fields, to arrive at something new.

Murray himself is a study in reinvention and, despite his résumé, failure. Back in 1999 he passed up a $25 million offer from GE Capital (GE) for the office equipment financing firm he'd built and opted for a higher offer from a bank. But the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. shut down the over-leveraged bank, which Murray doesn't name, and he was left on the hook for $30 million in new loans signed while he was negotiating the deal. Beyond broke, he spiraled into alcoholism.

After well over a year he rang up the GE executive who tried to buy his company—and who had since moved to Intuit—to ask for help. Murray was initially given a shot at revitalizing the direct-marketing campaign for TurboTax. The idea for doing so came through his mail slot. At that time, AOL (TWX) was sending software upgrades to customers on CDs. Murray advised Intuit to send past customers disks with updated TurboTax software on them. If they paid online or on the phone, they could unlock it. Suddenly the response rate to Intuit's direct marketing jumped from 15% to 60%.

But Murray keeps his personal history from playing too big a part. Instead, Jobs pops up a lot, even though Murray, who's clearly an admirer, didn't interview him. He relies on often familiar stories to portray Jobs' notorious ability to co-opt the ideas of others. "Sadly, I'll never be Steve Jobs, and neither will you, but I can simulate the way he thinks even if it isn't inherent in me. And you can, too," he writes.

The strongest advice in the book is Murray's notion that the best ideas to pilfer are the least obvious. "The farther away from your subject you borrow materials from, the more creative your solution," Murray repeats his main points—even some anecdotes. But his aim is to demystify the thing that makes many a manager sweat profusely. And he's living proof the method can produce results.

Steffie Limere speaks at Incitement

Founder Unfolding Events, Co-Founder Factory of Imagination, TEDxOdense Head Organizer

At just 26 years old, Steffie has built a community of passioneers, volunteers driven by passion. During her session, you will hear her story of how she built a fantasy factory that makes not things, but ideas and how she is now running inspiring events with her company Unfolding Events.

Zikry Kholil speaks at Incitement

Co-founder at Incitement, Forbes 30 under 30, Top 100 World’s Visionary Leaders by Real-Leaders.com

Zikry founded The Incitement Movement in 2011 with former colleague Daniel de Gruijter, aimed at promoting volunteerism and social impact amongst youths. 5 years later Incitement is now a thriving international community with establishments in over 45 countries, 100’s of events, 1000’s of volunteers.

Zikry is highly active in giving motivational talks and seminars in cities globally addressing to the social entrepreneurship, young professional, and university communities worldwide.
Zikry is currently a member of Jurors for the United Nations World Summit Award and he is listed on the Forbes 30 under 30 Asia in 2016 and Top 100 World’s Visionary Leader by Real Leaders Magazine 2016 for his work with Incitement.



Oudergemlaan 22
1000 Brussel, Belgium




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  • Saturday, 23 September 2017 09:00

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