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Skills as Lever for Social Inclusion

Education and Culture
Date: Wednesday, 11 October 2017 08:00

Venue: European Parliiament  |  City: Bruxelles, Belgium

Eurodiaconia member organizations have a long experience in the provision of work integration and social inclusion services, in particular for people with higher risks of social exclusion such as (long-term) unemployed persons, young people, migrants, persons with disabilities or persons with mental health issues, among others.

Eurodiaconia has been following closely the last EU initiatives on the integration of the long-term unemployed. In this regard, Eurodiaconia already emphasized the need to link work and social inclusion efforts in its response to the European Commission’s proposal for a Council recommendation on the integration of the long-term unemployed into the labour market, followed up with a debate with MEPs and other policy-makers. This year, our work around employment and social inclusion is focused on the key role played by skills in the inclusion of a wide range of user groups, in line with the launch of a New Skills Agenda for Europe in June 2016 and to which Eurodiaconia also responded.

The aim of Eurodiaconia’s 4th Annual Cross-party Breakfast Debate is to mainstream an inclusive approach to employment and engage into a dialogue with EU institutions and policy-makers on the challenges faced and solutions needed by providers of skilling interventions and services targeting persons with “low employability”. Emphasis will be made on the potential of social enterprise settings as a bridge between skilling interventions and sustainable work inclusion. The Debate will also stress the job creation potential of work and social inclusion services, both as levers of employment and employers themselves.

Please learn more about the event via the invitation and agenda.




Rue Wiertz 60
1047 Bruxelles, Belgium




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  • Wednesday, 11 October 2017 08:00

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