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Digitopia: In tech We trust

ICT and Digital Agenda
Date: Wednesday, 02 May 2018 09:30 - 18:30

Venue: Hotel Bloom. Rue Royale 250.1210-Brussels

Demonstrating our commitment to lead a cost-effective energy transition:
innovation to discover cutting-edge business models and breakthrough technologies

The european electricity industry is committed to invest in clean power generation and transition-enabling solutions, reduce emissions and actively pursue efforts to become carbon-neutral well before mid-century.

Innovation will be instrumental in achieving this goal.

It is therefore time to explore innovation opportunities towards a fundamental reinvention of the energy system, driven by electrification and digitalisation, enabled by untamed technological developments.

At Digitopia, speakers will explore the digital future of the electricity system, the scenarios it can power and the tools needed to execute this transformation across and beyond the value chain.

A mix of high-level debates and business expert discussions will map the political and regulatory implications which must remain on society’s agenda to ensure that unintended disruptive effects on the security, reliability and affordability of our electricity supply are kept in check. Europe’s specific challenges such as the static development of regulatory frameworks, asynchronous investment strategies and a sectoral approach to digitalisation will be at the core of this debate.

We are happy to confirm that the following speakers will be joining us at Digitopia:

  • Garrett Blaney, Chairman at the Board of Regulators at the European Agency for the Co-operation of Energy Regulators (ACER) will tell us more of the evolving role of regulators in an increasingly digitalised energy system.
  • James Johnston, CEO and Co-founder of Open Utility will take us on a journey to a future of decentralisation and sustainability enabled by digitalisation.
  • Stefan Grosjean, Founder and CEO of Smappee will shows us how our homes and we as users can smarten and future-proof our energy consumption.
  • Peter Hinssen, will explore the effects of digitalisation and tell us about the expectations of future consumers. Spanning from investment in new tech down to organisational governance and innovation, be sure that Peter will challenge you and make you reconsider some of deep beliefs on the electricity revolution.
  • Thomas Blazquez will tell us about ENEL’s journey towards digitalisation. Thomas will highlight some of the success and doubts experienced, while stressing the key objectives and hopes that the company holds for its future
  • Keith Wishart, Partner at IBM Energy & Utilities with over 25 years’ experience in consulting and technology, will tell us more how IBM’s artificial intelligence and advanced analytics tools transform asset-intensive industries in embedding innovation and reinventing business strategies.
  • Maher Chebbo, Chief Commercial Officer at GE dedicated the past two years to discover the opportunities that digitalisation can bring to the power industry. Maher will outline how digitalisation already brought value to the energy sector today.



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Rue Royale, 1210




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  • Wednesday, 02 May 2018 09:30 - 18:30

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