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In this section you might find all information regarding our paid services.


  1. Banner on our homepage – This is the most classic advertisement function. We will be happy to host on our homepage for the duration of your sponsorship.
  2. Banner on our weekly newsletter – Same as before, but prominently contained in our weekly newsletter.

Events-related offers

  1. Promotion on social media – Apart from our routine posting of the events once on every social media, we can boost your presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google PLUS. Frequency depends on the amount of time available ahead of the event. SAMPLE
  2. Special release – A special newsletter release addressed to our readers and followers with details on the event.
  3. Promotional mailing campaign – Alongside with the previous point, we might also shortlist targeted/highly desirable potential attendees and address them a specific invitation. This would help reaching those who are not registered to our newsletter.
  4. Events organisation – We can support you in organising your EU events (logistics, communication, reporting, registration and invitations), here including the research of high-level speakers.
  5. Restricted events – We can restrict the access on your events page to a selected audience.
  6. Official meetings report(-s) – For all those who cannot attend your event, you might appreciate having a permanent report on-line or reaching them by e-mail.

Other offers

  1. Dedicated newsletter We can inform you on all events in a specific sector or on a specific subject (e.g. Horizon2020, Energy Union, TTIP, etc.).
  2. Organisers page – This goes well beyond the average event page. Together we will define a description of your organisation. This page will be permanently accessible to all users and will always be linked to any other event you will be involved in in the future. It will also include links to all your profiles on social media. SAMPLE
  3. Fee reductions – We would be happy to offer our followers reductions on the participation fees. This will be mutually convenient for both sides and will imply no money exchange. SAMPLE

Do not hesitate to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for any further question. A tailor-shaped solution is surely awaiting for you!!!