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30 years of Erasmus

Opening  lives, enriching minds

Erasmus is turning 30 this year! Can you believe it?

Whether people have improved their chances of finding a job, developed fresh perspectives on sustainable development, learnt a new language, gained a clearer idea of European citizenship, or found a new passion for volunteering: Erasmus and Erasmus+ have produced many success stories.

We are glad to announce our first 2017 EU Project’s of the Month “Rethinking Container Management System” founded by the European Commission Horizon2020 Programme.


Container terminals serve thousands of ships, store billions of TEUs, compete to serve the next vessel, and introduction of larger ships will result in new challenges. While advances have been made in terminal automation (Automated Ground Vehicle (AGV), gate control, yard cranes, etc.), with current technologies terminals are limited by their ability to maintain growth and quality of service. To address these trends and demands the Robotic Container Management System (RCMS) has been developed. As a contribution to its implementation, Project main objectives are:


The discussion was organized on 15.10.2016 by MEP Setoslav Malinov (EPP) and conducted by Svetlozar Jelev. The event gathered approximately 100 people in the European Parliament, where some contemporary Bulgarian writers together with their translators and publishers discussed important issues on Bulgarian literature. What challenges do such professionals face? What does it take to make a good translation? Is publishing Bulgarian writers abroad a risky business?



Good governance is increasingly becoming a core topic for sport organisations at all levels. There are plenty of reasons to explain this trend, including the pressure on the proper use of public funds as well as the responsibilities of sport organisations towards their sports and other stakeholders. Furthermore, it has been shown that investing in good governance leads to an organisation with the right ethical behaviour, which is governed more efficiently, is more resistant to various risks and is more effective in reaching its objectives. Therefore, investing in good governance is investing in sporting success.