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Brexit has never left the European agenda since its beginning. Now that it is finally shaping up, it remains one of the most controversial topic debated in Brussels. Follow with EU Events the many aspects and implications, as viewed and reviewed by policy-makers and experts.

A month and a half ago I had the opportunity to attend the European Defence Industry Summit, taking place in Egmont Palace, Brussels. The organizers together with the European Business Summit team did a great job in providing an excellent follow-up material, which allowed having a detailed overview of all the speeches and presentations. [See summary note written by Mrs. Armida van Rij, Policy Researcher, King's College London]. However, in order to continue follow-up exchange of information I would like to present some of my observations and reflections, inviting participants and other interested parties to share their impressions and further topics to address regarding European Defence policies.

ECP participants

Tour de Table - ECP members and associates presenting their projects - From left to right: Eugene Gioni and Michele Calabro' (EU Events), Martin Maréchal (JEF Belgium), Raphaël Moncada (Eu-Logos), Bertrand Wert (Ixelles City Councellor), Hélène Decottigny (Stand up for Europe), (Eyes on Europe), Delphine Bourgeois (ECP founder)

On Wednesday 18 October 2017 European Citizen Platform (ECP) celebrated its first year of activity with a concert event by Olla Vogala Band.

On this occasion, several EU-oriented organisations based in Brussels gathered to present their projects and ideas for a common action in the framework of ECP chart and mission. Together with EU Events, other participants included representatives (in alphabetical order) from Eyes on Europe, EU-Logos Athéna, Stand Up for Europe, Young European Federalists, and Union for Unity.

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