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Date : Sunday, 19 August 2018

Intensive Course ‘Leadership in Action: The theory, practice and skills of leadership’

Networking and career development
Date: Wednesday, 16 May 2018 - Friday, 18 May 2018

Venue: Quaker House  |  City: Brussel, Belgium

The challenges – and opportunities – of offering effective leadership today are well understood.

Wherever we look, we see organisational and political crises being dealt with by following not leading; disillusioned or over-burdened colleagues are wary of any moves towards greater collaboration and proper accountability; systems adapt and retrench, rather than learn and evolve; management implement decisions based on fear and without regard to the human consequences; and all too often, leadership as a skill is assumed to only consist of top-down command and control.

What might be the skills of authentic leadership in these times? And in the context we have around us, how can we act to be more effective? If best results come through the cooperation of colleagues and partners, how do we create space for learning and creating higher-quality outcomes of our work? In the face of Western, male-dominated leadership and culture, what can we do to help open up opportunities for leaderful behaviour?

This unique programme explores contemporary forms of leadership. It asks the questions, What are you called to offer in your work and social context? What skills and resources do you have – and what do you need – to nurture the collaboration on which effective action is built? What is required to enable leadership? If we are all somewhere swimming against the tide, who else is on that journey with us and what can we learn from them?

Who is this course for?

You are exercising leadership – at any level of seniority – in an organisation which is seeking to influence policy or practice in a European context;
Or, you are working within the larger European institutions, and wondering how to bring values and influence into your work;
Or, you are in a community or network where new vision or inspiration could transform its potential to act.
And wherever you are, you are passionately committed to developing your leadership skills, and yearning to make more of a difference with those
around you and for the issues you are working on.
What are the intended outcomes from the programme?

The course will present you with a range of definitions and aspects of leadership and leadership styles. The aim is to support the development of your unique leadership style, by creating a dynamic and inspirational space for learning and growth. Specific outcomes include:

Enhanced skills for leading, engaging and collaborating with others
Individual renewal of hope, commitment and clarity about your priorities and your potential
An understanding of your leadership style, and how that style can develop and change for greater effectiveness and relevance to your work
What will the course involve?

The programme will contain a mix of expert input, whole group discussions, small group exercises and experiential activities, and some skills practice. The course will enable you to apply your learning specifically within your own context at work and beyond.

Day 1: Defining leadership and leaderful behaviour; values and purpose in effective leadership; the contrast between management and leadership – and why leaders need both sets of skills

Day 2: leadership styles, and creating a leadership model and values to match your context; Emotional Intelligence competencies; The gender dimensions of leadership; our VUCA world (volatile, unpredictable, complex, ambiguous), and its implications for leadership

Day 3: Managing and leading others: motivation; conflict styles and handling conflict effectively; application of learning biography of leadership.


If you think that this course might be for you, please email Olivia Caeymaex explaining your interest and contact details.

The cost of this course is partly subsidised by QCEA, but QCEA would ask participants to make the financial contribution:

European institution – 380 euro
Civil Society Organisation / Independent – 210 euro
QCEA would not like anyone to be excluded for financial reasons and may be able to provide a free place to a small number of participants.

Similarly, QCEA would not like anyone to be prevented from attending due to caring responsibilities or disability. Please explain your needs when you contact them and they will do their best to help.

Food and refreshments will be provided during the course.






All Dates

  • From Wednesday, 16 May 2018 to Friday, 18 May 2018

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